TikTok App Store Ban halted by US Judge

The controversy surrounding the ban on popular video sharing app, TikTok just took another twist as a US judge, Carl Nichols of the US District Court for the District of Colombia issued an injunction depicting that the app would not be banned and existing US based users could continue to use it. 

This means that TikTok has avoided a government-ordered block of new downloads in the US. 

The injunction was made on Sunday evening after a 90-minute hearing earlier in the day with the opinion for it sealed, thus, indicating that no reason for the decision was yet to be released.

TikTok owners, ByteDance welcomed the intervention, vowing to keep defending its right and arguing that forcing the app off the iOS and Android App Stores would have violated the first and fifth amendments of the US constitution. It also added that preventing users from joining the app unlawfully impinged on their freedom of speech as well as the firm’s own right to due process if they were not given the opportunity to defend itself first.

This ruling comes just a week after another Chinese App, WeChat who had also faced a ban from the US government was given its own reprieve by US Courts in the last minute.

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