The local ban on popular video sharing app, Tik Tok will be decided after the US presidential election in November.

A US hearing will take place on 4th November, a day after the election, to decide whether the local ban on Tik Tok will be allowed.

The judge set to make the ruling, Judge Carl Nichols had at the end of September, prevented Trump’s administration from forcing Tik Tok off Google and Apple app stores. According to him, there was ample evidence indicating that China presented a national security threat and as such, it was less clear that Tik Tok posed a risk as well.

President Trump has reiterated his decision to only allow the app continue operations in the US if Oracle and Walmart takes control.

This is coming after President Trump’s administration announced plans to block any US transaction with Tik Tok’s owners, ByteDance back in August.

China may yet block such a deal by forbidding ByteDance from selling some of its technology to foreign businesses even though the firm has denied that Beijing could force it to provide access to its data, adding that these information are stored outside China’s jurisdiction in the US and Singapore.

A new company called “Tik Tok Global” could be created from the partnership with Walmart and Oracle with its headquarters in the US.