Co-Sourced Support

Co-Sourced Support from BundSystems is an end-to-end service that deploys our skilled IT staff on your site on a flexible basis, cost-effectively and under your management control.

We handle all aspects of matching, delivering and maintaining the correct level of resource requirement. This includes technical testing, training, performance review and guaranteed capacity levels.

Co-Sourced Support is distinct by flexibility and is accountable to your standards. By using our permanent staff within your support team, you gain an adaptable resource component that provides you with maximum control over the quality of service delivered.


A Proven Service Delivery Model

Co-Sourcing offers a fresh alternative to traditional models, as it is a complete end-to-end service.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Our in-depth understanding of your business needs
  • Fast and flexible provision of high quality IT resource
  • Proactive Service Delivery, IT support best practice sharing and continuous service improvement
  • The removal of management and HR overhead
  • Absence cover models to ensure guaranteed capacity with trained staff who are familiar with your support operation
  • Individual KPI models for deployed resource
  • Resource management from our dedicated Support Operations Desk

High performing BundSystems staff can help to motivate your staff by setting the bar while you’ll also benefit from access to our leading Service Management, Infrastructure and Security consultancies.

Our proven approach has established BundSystems as a leading provider of Co-Sourced Support in Lagos Nigeria