Service Management Consultancy

BundSystems specialise in transforming IT operations into high-performance, cost-efficient platforms for business success. Our solutions help clients of all sizes maintain high levels of service while still meeting demands for a reduction in IT spending.

Acting as a trusted partner to the IT department, we help them to enhance performance, flexibility, security, cost-efficiency and ultimately, user productivity.

BundSystems’ Service Management Consultancy molds the extensive real-world experience of our consultants with best-practice methodologies in a range of services tailored to the needs of each client. Using our unique, ‘Accelerated’ methodology we can deliver massive improvements in both efficiency and performance for a fraction of the cost associated with a more traditional, ‘blinkered’ approach to Best Practice.

The secret to getting the most from your IT is a top-down transformation encompassing process, people, infrastructure and security. Working with BundSystems, you can transform your IT into a cost-efficient, high-performance platform for business success. We have the real-world experience and deep understanding of Best Practice required to help you ensure your IT never lets the business down.

Using our unique ‘Accelerated’ methodology we can deliver 100% of the benefits of ITIL for a fraction of the cost associated with a traditional implementation. Our approach has been proven to deliver 100% of the benefits of ITIL for 20% of the cost at clients of all sizes and across all industries. An Accelerated Service Transformation is typically delivered within a fixed number of days and involves minimal disruption to day-to-day activities, enabling you to focus on your deliverables.

The BundSystems Service Review provides an independent assessment of the IT-related processes underpinning the delivery of IT to your organisation. It enables a greater understanding of alignment to ITIL Best Practice through a structured analysis of the existing IT environment. Also, BundSystems’ Benchmarking service provides extensive measurements and comparisons against similar profile organisations and industry standards by tapping into respected independent sources along with our extensive client list.

Our consultants deliver a clear view of how effective your existing processes are and provide a business case that presents the benefits to be gained through ITIL Service Management improvements. The Service Review is the perfect tool to help you make improvements to your existing IT Support function or to understand which of BundSystems’s sourcing solutions most closely fits the needs of your organisation.

Knowing where you stand with your internal customers is key to ensuring IT is providing a fit-for-business, cost-efficient high-performance service. A Customer Satisfaction Survey from BundSystems is a quick, unobtrusive and cost-effective way to gauge the user-perception of IT. Our surveys aren’t one-size-fits-all documents that have been rolled out to multiple clients - we develop a bespoke, tailored survey that is specific to your environment.

Toolset Selection

BundSystems Toolset Selection is an independent service designed to evaluate the needs of your organisation and select the best Service Management Toolset available – saving you time and money along the way. Our consultants will guide you through every stage of the process, giving you access to unrivalled levels of practical experience built while delivering best practice Service Management solutions to organisations across the globe.

While Service Management toolsets are a welcome addition to any organisation, the selection of the most appropriate one for your specific environment is often impossible without expert help. We will ensure the toolset delivers against the specific requirements of your organisation, is scalable and will be a complementary asset for long term service delivery.

BundSystems are experts at managing vendor communication. This means you’ll not only get the right solution for your requirements, but you’ll also get it for the right price and on the right terms. We will compile a comprehensive Information to Tender (ITT) designed to ensure vendors fully understand your requirements right from the start and guide you through every step of the process – ensuring you are left with a high-performance, cost-efficient Toolset that helps you deliver the level of IT Support your users demand.