Infrastructure Services Consultancy

BundSystems has the skills and experience to help you get the best out of your core IT infrastructure.

An effectively designed, implemented and managed environment makes a significant difference to the performance and efficiency of your organization. Yet often, this crucial aspect of IT service gets too little attention – until the problems start to appear.

At BundSystems, we help our clients see maximum return on their investment in IT by ensuring they implement a tailored, fit-for-business platform that gives their users the tools they need to succeed.

We can assist in the following areas:

Infrastructure Review and Health check

Sometimes what you need most is an external, independent expert opinion.

Our review services will help you to better understand what you have in place; what fit-for-business is and, more importantly, what falls short of current best practice and might be causing you unnecessary risk or performance issues.

Efficiency Planning

We offer a range of health checks designed to help isolate the cause of any problems you are currently experiencing and leave you with a clear route forward for resolving those problems.
Whatever the economic conditions, your business should be running in the most efficient way possible. However, many organizations find it difficult to streamline the costs involved in IT without compromising the delivery of a fit-for-business Service.

An Efficiency Planning exercise from BundSystems, covering your entire IT Infrastructure is surprisingly low cost and takes place over a fixed number of days – making it extremely cost-effective as a tool for streamlining IT without hindering the success of your organisation.

Extraction and Consolidation

At BundSystems, we have spent the past few years helping countless organisations successfully complete sensitive and potentially very complicated extraction and consolidation projects.

Therefore BundSystems succeed where others fail. Many challenges are resulting from a merger, extraction, takeover or acquisition that have the potential to produce a profound effect on business-critical applications and our experience and breadth of knowledge are often crucial to the success of projects of this nature. Using best-practice procedure and fit-for-purpose solutions, we’ll ensure that connectivity is guaranteed, network association is fortified at all times and the safety of your data and communications are never compromised.

Whatever the barriers, BundSystems can ensures a seamless transfer.