Business Continuity Planning

All organizations have an obligation, not just to their stakeholders but to their survival, to be adequately prepared to respond to a disaster or unexpected event in a coordinated manner that preserves the continuity of core operations.  

In some circumstances, obligations to business continuity have come about as a direct result of statutory or regulatory obligations but, in addition to this, organisations are increasingly finding their business continuity arrangements being questioned by customers seeking assurance around supply chain continuity.

For many organisations, an event that impacts on the delivery of services will mean a direct loss of revenue and client penalties. Organizations that fail to plan are likely to see much greater impacts from significant events than those that do, and they can even find themselves facing a failure of part or all of the business.

Through our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Consultancy, we can:

  • Help you to understand your key business operations, the threats they might be exposed to and the impacts that could occur in the event of a major incident.
  • Assist business heads in formalizing their specific requirements for continuity for their areas of the business and in particular their information systems including:
    1. Recovery Time Objectives – how quickly a particular system or area of the business needs to be recovered in the event of a disaster
    2. Recovery Point Objectives – the amount of data (measured in minutes, hours or days) that the business can acceptably lose in the event of a disaster
  • Ensure that reliance on and issues around supply-chain are suitably considered.
  • Develop documented Business Continuity Plans that direct the organization in how to respond to unexpected events, as well as ensure that a framework for continual improvement is in place.
  • Accelerate the process by engaging a consultative partner such as BundSystems to provide guidance, expertise and good governance
  • Produce test strategies and support the testing of continuity and recovery plans in order to assure the business its preparedness.
  • Provide a documented Business Consultancy Plan which would align an organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity processes and procedures with industry best practice.

In a world full of uncertainty, no-one can predict what events may impact your business. However, BundSystems can help your organization and your stakeholders be assured that you are prepared for the unexpected.